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Many Americans have trouble getting rest with reasons such as stress, anxiety, and insomnia stopping them from getting a restful night’s sleep. Ambien is a sedative which helps patients that are prescribed the drug to fall asleep, and stay asleep for the eight hours required. Generally ambien is used as a way of treating patients with insomnia to stay asleep at night.

Patients that are diagnosed with insomnia are usually put on a study with the drug for up to 2-3 weeks long. Most of the time the patients will need to use ambien for even longer than the study suggests. This leads to many problems such as dependency, and sometimes can lead to overdose. Aviators and special duty personnel in the army have used this drug to get to sleep at night before an important mission.

There have been cases that patients with brain injuries have been reported to have increased brain functionality by using ambien. The drug has been known to increase brain productivity in certain patients, which seems to be the complete opposite of what the drug is really supposed to do. In some cases ambien has been used to take certain patients out of comas. The patients in comas have finally talked and had brain function with the help of the drug, which is a very rare case.

People with insomnia generally need ambien to get to sleep at night, but overtime become dependent on the drug. Sleep is a necessity and once a patient can sleep normally using the drug they begin to believe that they cannot stop using the sleep aid. Restless leg syndrome is also another reason that some people take ambien, even the drug cannot be prescribed for that specific reason. The drug is also used for as a recreational drug amongst teenagers because of some of the side effects that the drug causes. Hallucination is one of the leading side effects if you do not fall asleep after you take the sedative, which many teenagers try to reach for an easy high.

Side Effects

Since this drug is a sleep aid many drug addicts or people with addictive personalities will have a problem using this drug. The “high” feeling that may occur in users triggers memories of drug use which makes the addicts or abusers content and wanting more. Abusers should be given a dose reduction until they are fully weaned off of the drug. If overdose occurs then the user will have the following symptoms: excessive sedations, pin point pupils, depressed respiratory and even coma or death.

Side Effects Include: Nausea, Hallucinations, Vomiting, Delusions, Altered thought patters, Euphoria/Dysphasia, Decreased Libido, Reoccurrence of insomnia, Short term memory loss, Headaches, Bad balance, Sleepwalking.

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